Link Popularity Checker offers FREE, instant, online reports of a webpage's link popularity ratings by the top two search engines; Google and Bing.

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  • Aug. 20, 2012: Fixed Bing results.
  • Jun. 21, 2012: Fixed Google and Bing results.
  • Feb. 6, 2012: Yahoo! Search has merged with Bing. Hence we've removed Yahoo! Search from the results.
  • The report opens in a new tab/window. If nothing happens, try turning off any popup stopping software you may have installed on your computer, or try a different web browser.
  • Link Popularity is the number of backlinks pointing to a webpage. The higher the link popularity or backlinks, the better, because link popularity plays a big part in getting top search engine rankings.
  • Once you click the "Check Link Popularity" button, please be patient as it can take up to 10 seconds to process your search. If nothing happens after 30 seconds, close the popup window and try again.
  • "--" means no results for the URL entered. Try another one.
  • Entering "" and "" may produce different backlink results.
  • The system displays the last 10 URLs you checked, so you can compare your different domains or webpages. Cookies must be accepted by your web browser for this feature to work.
  • Link popularity refer to the number of inlinks pointing to a webpage. The more inbound links pointing to a webpage, the better, because it plays a big part in how search engines rank webpages.
  • Google and Bing only return a limited number of backlinks pointing to a website. So only use the backlink figures as a rough guide.
  • Link popularity results may vary due to factors beyond our control. These include your location, time of day, indexing runs, traffic load, load balancing measures, server timeout, ongoing ranking jobs, etc.
  • Email bugs to email at marketing munch dot com.
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